High-Quality WaterJet Garnet

              • Hard
              • Heavy
              • Sharp Edges
              • Cleanly Washed
              • Natural Color

Photo micrograph

APEX ABRASIVES INC.                              

                                                                                                         made in the USA

Exceptionally Clean Waterjet Garnet Abrasive

Apex Abrasives Inc. is an industrial producer of garnet abrasive for use in waterjet cutting.  Apex garnet has been engineered, processed and sized to meet strict quality standards.  Apex garnet has been proven a high-quality effective abrasive for cutting stainless steel, iron, aluminum, and other materials such as glass and stone.  Cutting results are aggressive while yielding a smooth cut surface.

Apex garnet is produced from a massive crystalline garnet in hard-rock mines high in the Rocky Mountains near Butte, Montana, USA.  All the garnet has been crushed to produce sharp cutting edges ideal for fast waterjet cutting.  The garnet is washed, cleaned, and sized through multiple stages to insure quality control. 

Apex garnet is a unique hard heavy brown garnet.  After use, this brown garnet blends into soils around your shop better than red garnet for a more natural appearance and attention to environmental awareness.

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